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Vision and Aims

Vision and Aims.

At Murrow Primary Academy we all work tirelessly to ensure that every child leaves this school prepared for life ahead; having aspirations and a solid understanding of how they can achieve their full potential.  

Caring, Sharing, Thinking, Learning is our strap line motto.  In life children need to be able to care, share, think and learn.  We aim to ensure that through the experiences they have at school that they are given the chance to carry out all four of these aims.  We celebrate these in  weekly assemblies.

To ensure that children leave here with their “life skills” bag as full as it can be, we have four fury friends to help children when things get tough.  By speaking to them about the learning pit and that by struggling you learn, children use: Casper the Lion to remember to collaborate; Roger the Rhino to never give up and be resilient; Rachel the Rainbow fish to reflect on learning or experiences and finally Ralph the Racoon who reminds them to be resourceful.  Mental Health for staff, children and parents is a state of wellbeing in which every individual realises his or her potential.  At Murrow Primary Academy we are committed to supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of all our community. 

We make our school rules simple – Be Safe, Be Ready, Be Responsible.  All behaviour in life can be managed with these simple rules, the children cannot forget them, the staff are then consistant and parents can work closely with us.


Our school development plan is based on the specific needs of our children and the Strategic Aims of the Diamond Learning Partnership Trust 


·All our pupils enjoy their learning and make at least good progress
·All our pupils are responsible citizens who make an active contribution to society
·All our academies are continually improving our quality of provision

The final word needs to be “every minute learning”.  Children are encouraged to embrace this and strive to do so.