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Never done a blog before - but wanted to add something more to what we offer parents.


Reading makes the world go round....


If you can read then you will be OK in life.  Reading is a skill that is key to the future of our children.  Parents and School need to be working very closely together to ensure that we help our children with this.  From Zebras we start  teaching phonics, but it is much more than just the semantics of phonics.  We want children to love reading, we want children to love books.  Stories add to life experiences, stories add dimensions to our imaginations and we need to be enabling this.  Children should become hooked on reading, they should want to read, they should derive pleasure from reading.  


The partnership needs to work with both partners focussed on ENTHUSING children with books.


At School we will be

Introducing our new library - Purchasing new and exciting books - Publishing book reviews - Having a book of the week - Teachers will read and share books with children - A focus text will support our topics.


At home please could you try

Sharing a book at least once a week - Bed time story - Telling stories on the way to school - Trips to the library - Buying a special book for birthdays and Christmas - Share the newspaper - Make books special.  To try to help I attach some pictures which are the winners of the Teach Primary Book awards - some ideas for stocking fillers at Christmas.



2019 Teach Primary Book Awards

2019 Teach Primary Book Awards 1
2019 Teach Primary Book Awards 2
2019 Teach Primary Book Awards 3