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Our World Week

During the first week back after Christmas in January 2022 we will all be working hard on finding out how to help our world.  We have already done work on COP26.


First Lego League Challenge


We entered the Caterpillar First Lego League Challenge, we entered the competition in December 2021 . The competition involved programming a robot and creating a project to solve a cargo problem.


Our robot is was programmed to undertake lots of missions, they can be seen here:




We had to create a project related to cargo, the brief was given by the IET for the project which was:


  • Identify a specific problem related to making the transportation journey of products better.
  • Research your problem and your solution ideas.
  • Design and create a new piece of technology, equipment, or method of transportation that could improve the journey of the products.
  • Share your ideas, collect feedback, and iterate on your solution.
  • Create a creative and effective presentation that communicates your solution at an event.


For our project we decided that we wanted to improve lorries for the area we live in. As we live in an area where the roads are small and windy we decided that smaller lorries would be better. The issue with this is that they wont be able to carry as much load. To solve this problem we decided to add a trailer to the lorry, but as trailers are hard to maneuver we thought it could be driverless. As we have spent time looking at helping the environment we decided to make it electric.