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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Dawn Freeburn is our Mental Health and Wellbeing lead.  Our ultimate aim will be to help create a culture that promotes and supports emotional and mental health needs.  She has the remit to be available to assist the school and Head teacher with ensuring the needs of staff, children and parents around Mental health issues are either met or signposted.  

We have a team of ELSA trained Learning assistants, we employ a play therapists, we are part of the NHS mental health project in Fenland, classrooms have facilities to aid calming and to also enable children to talk about their feelings and emotions, finally we engage closely with our family worker who can assist parents. 


We use the happiness scale to monitor how the confidence and moods of the children improve.


The mental health team will

  • Work directly with staff, pupils and parents
  • Work with teachers to support pupils
  • Facilitating group work and peer support sessions
  • Embed the Emotional Health and Wellbeing policy
  • Liaise with external agencies


All children are aware of Wiggle - Our Worry Monster.  We will also make use of our School Dog Pippin to help with children in need of support.  


If you wish to contact the Mental Health and Wellbeing lead, please contact the office at 



Pippin with her favourite toys.

Whole School Approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing

Whole School Anti Bullying Policy