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Our Academy aims to be an inclusive academy. We hope to make all children welcome and feel happy to look forward to their academy day. Every child is different and we view differences as an opportunity for adults and children alike to learn more about ourselves.

If your child has a disability he or she will be treated no less favourably than other applicants for admission. We make reasonable adjustments to ensure that pupils with disabilities are not placed at a substantial disadvantage. Our accessibility plan describes the arrangements we have already made and the further proposals planned to improve physical access to the academy, access to the curriculum and access to written information.

The Academy has a policy for supporting children with special educational needs which is revised every year. Our aim is for all children to have access to all aspects of academy life, as far as is reasonable and practicable.

We aim to prevent disabled pupils in our Academy being placed at a substantial disadvantage. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that people with a disability are not treated differently without lawful justification. We will make reasonable adjustments for disabled pupils and we will know we have succeeded when disabled pupils are participating fully in academy life.

In order for effective partnership working between home and academy to take place, we anticipate that parents will want to:


  • inform the Academy at the earliest opportunity if their child has a disability and the exact nature of it;
  • provide the information the Academy needs to plan effectively for the child to be a full member of the academy community;
  • acknowledge that when deciding whether an adjustment is reasonable, one of the factors the Headteacher must consider is the effect of the proposed change on all members of the academy community;
  • recognise the importance of academy and home working in partnership.