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OUR PE Mission Statement and Vision


We are passionate about PE and the benefits that it brings to all our Murrow family.  Our aim is to provide our children with the skills to play and the knowledge of the rules of as many sports as possible during their time with us.  We want all children to enjoy sport, to find what they are best at and to flourish.  Being physically active is something that research has shown will improve the lives of all - from the Daily mile, to sensory circuits, we want all children to be physically active; to not only want to win but to also want to be part of a team.  Working and learning as part of a team is something the PE brings to our children, as well as teaching them how to win and how to loose.


Come to our WIDE AWAKE Club

Children can arrive at school from 8.20 am and experience a range of early morning activities to get them ready to learn, skipping, netball, football, running with Pippin and many more.


Sports we offer @ Murrow

Football, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Basketball, Tennis, Rounders, Athletics, Orienteering, Skipping, Badminton, Dance, Gymnastics and many more.


Lunchtime challenges

Our lunchtimes are when we get a chance to hone our skills, to become better at catching and throwing; to develop more stamina; to skip for longer and use more tricks; to play a team game etc.  We track our progress through the boards in the playground - we work hard at getting better.


Healthy Selfie Challenge - 10th Jan and 17th Jan


Healthy Selfie Weeks
We will be taking part in the Healthy Selfie Challenge.

Please see the attached two posters.

The challenge,
Take a selfie doing something healthy
Email them to


Other Challenges

Skipping Week

Interschool competitions

POSH challenge days and competitions