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Mathematics - Intent Statement


At Murrow Primary Academy we provide children with the mathematical skills needed for life.  Teachers from EYFS to Year 6 follow the White Rose Schemes, however they also use a wide variety of resources and ideas to provide children with a range of challenges where they apply their skills.  For example when teaching addition – the idea of perimeter will be used to apply real life examples.  A graduated approach to the teaching of skills ensures that before a child reaches Year 1 they are able to count to 20, but also understand the true value of numbers and the key number bonds to 20.  Key Stage one children focus on place value and the meaning of numbers with practical activities and a range of visual representations.  Once place value is secure, the vocabulary around the four formal operations are introduced – including using and applying number bonds to 100.  A calculation strategy is published and provided to parents to ensure that they are able to understand and appreciate the many calculation strategies that children are exposed to.


Key Stage two mathematics builds on the learning from Key Stage one.  Children are exposed the real life challenges and are asked to apply their knowledge to solve these.  Due to the mixed year group provision, children may be working towards different learning objectives, with success criteria detailing what success means.  Children do choose to use different manipulatives which are available either overtly or for them to seek out.   Arithmetic is also focussed on where a variety of strategies are used to come to the answers.  All classes provide Maths talking stems for children to use to respond to their questions and the staff use these during the lessons to embed practice.  Early Bird maths is provided to children throughout school from 8.50-9.00 daily for children.  Teachers will also enable remembering of prior learning through the use of Last week, last month sheets.




Our children begin to learn timestables from EYFS.  They are taught the links and patterns in standalone lessons.  Recall is encouraged through song singing and games.  We have weekly presentations of Super Hero Maths certificates to celebrate children beating the super hero attached to a certain timestables.  Weekly tests are help in KS2 classes.   


Financial Literacy


Through the vehicle of Aspirations week – children will work through a financial literacy – they will look at Budgets, careers, what do I need to live?

Calculation strategies show progression through the year groups.  The document below is given to parents to explain the progression.

Skills Progression Document

Calculation Strategies - children are taught through these stages

Times tables progression