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At Murrow Primary Academy we provide the include foreign language references and songs into our creative curriculum topics, where appropriate.


In Key Stage 2 we deliver French to provide the children with opportunities to talk, explore sounds and patterns, speak in sentences, explore the culture of the language and describe life experiences and happenings in French.


Year 3 - 4 will have weekly sessions where they explore French.


Year 5 - 6 will have ten two hour sessions in a two week slot - 


Is it true that language immersion is better for their brains?
This is always the first question I get and the answer is 'yes.' There are years of research showing that the brains of bilingual people have better executive function, which is what allows you to focus on problem solving, moving between tasks, and recalling words and information. All are keys to being successful in life. 
  (The Guardian)


A language expert will deliver these sessions where immersion is key - children will speak in French - they will cover the home, school, shopping, travelling etc.  The two week session will end with Parents being invited in to experience France - the children will speak, communicate in French and share their learning.