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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!


Salvete! from Mrs Logan and Miss Mee.

We are going to start the Summer Term with toga day so find those bedsheets and wrap them around you.  Don't forget your indusia!


We are studying the Rottens Romans.


We have lots of exciting things to get on with this term.  In our first week, we will be joining the Roman Army and designing standards for our Legion.  We will be moving on to make armour and shields but will also be looking at painting on plaster, weaving, Roman food and many other aspects of Roman life.  We're also going to learning about the Iceni tribe and Boudicca.  When we get as far as the Romans leaving Britannia, we'll be writing Kennings poetry to welcome in the Anglo Saxons.


In science, we will be looking at rocks and soils as well as fossils so there are some cool experiments lined up and next half term, we'll be experimenting with magnets and forces.


I've attached some homework ideas which I hope you will all find interesting.  Please send in homework books so that we can stick a list of these new ideas into them.


PE will still be on Wednesdays and Thursdays but, with no changing at school, please make sure children come into school in their PE on those days.  Please ensure that you have sufficiently warm outdoor kit.


We will still be working in the classroom with doors and windows open so please make sure that all children are warmly dressed for the classroom as well as for PE.


The Daily Mile will continue to happen, come rain or shine, so please remember to bring in wellies for our Wellie Box.


We expect the children to be reading at home daily.  Please encourage children to practice their spellings at home since we will be doing a little less practice in the classroom this term.


Be Ready, Be Safe, Be Responsible - here's to another great term.