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Art Statement of Intent

Over a two-year cycle please cover (in detail the following skills using the skills progression to hang onto the medium being used.

  • Clay and Construction
  • Printing
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Textiles – sewing
  • Computing

All art projects should be links to a well-known artist.

The learning journey –

  • Explore – try out the medium – eg charcoal, make different lines, sizes, shapes, how hard you press etc.  With clay it would be just flattening it, joining things, making marks on it etc.
  • Refine – try to do one in rough, how can I change it?  How can I improve it.  With clay this may be more difficult.
  • Apply – final work of art!

Recording the learning journey –

  • KS1 – Plastic folder with all the pieces of work leading up to the final piece.  Final piece stuck in the topic books and a copy of this piece in the folder which is then placed in the topic folder.
  • KS2 – Sketch books.  Whole journey shown.  Final piece in topic book if possible.